What to look for when buying a kitchen knife sets?

There are a few important things to the home cook like a good set of kitchen knives. They are essential tools for you to prepare your meals. Also, many products available out there can last for years.

More importantly, you need to give them proper care as well as maintenance. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential things to look for when buying a kitchen knife set. They can make your preparation work more enjoyable. 

The Essentials

You should take a look at your cooking habits as well as practices before you make a decision. Moreover, remember to consider the different pieces coming with the set you want to invest in.

Are you going for 12 steak knives? When buying a set of kitchen knives, you can get a fillet blade, a cleaver, or the steak knives. They are not suitable for your own cooking style or eating habits. 

You should consider all the tools mentioned. Know whether you will use them or you just use them in rare cases. Here is a set including the basic pieces:

  • A paring model: this unit is designed for trimming, peeling, as well as cutting smaller pieces of foods.
  • A knife of the chef: they come with a multi-purpose blade. It works for all normal cutting duties as dicing, chopping, slicing, or mincing. 
  • A serrated blade: this model is for cutting tomatoes, bread, cakes, or fruit.

Additional Knives

You can choose some additional knives based on your cooking style. Here are some of them:

  • A utility blade: this model is for dealing with smaller pieces of food.
  • A meat cleaver: It is suitable for cutting up ribs, chicken, as well as larger pieces of foods.
  • A vegetable cleaver: this one works for dicing veggies and chopping up them. 
  • A fillet knife: it is great for filleting fish.
  • A carving blade: this piece is for slicing thin pieces of turkey, chicken, roasts, ham, and more. 
  • Honing steel: you can keep the edges of your blades sharp thanks to honing steel.
  • Kitchen shears: they are for various uses in the kitchen.
  • A bread knife: this model is for both pieces of bread and cutting through the cake. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Knife Set


When looking for any kitchen tool, you need to handle it. The knife you choose should come with a comfortable grip. This feature is to prevent fatigue. Also, it should prevent you from feeling cumbersome, dangerous, or awkward. 


Another factor to consider is the weight. A lighter knife can bring all the essential qualities as well as the performance characteristics you need. Go for ones that feel best to you.


You should choose a kitchen knife that is well balanced between the handle and the blade. This feature is to give you a smooth cutting motion. And, you have to take a lot of effort. Moreover, it will decrease strain on your hands, forearm, or wrist. 


There is a lot of materials used to make blades. They include stainless steel, carbon steel, ceramic, and high-carbon stainless alloys. All of them bring both good and bad points. 

  • Carbon steel blades: these blades are simple to sharpen. Also, they can hold an edge longer compared to stainless. However, these blades may get rusting.
  • Stainless steel: great for stain as well as corrosion resistance. However, these blades are difficult to sharpen.
  • Signature stainless steel alloys: these blades are a good combination of carbon and stainless. However, these models are pricey.
  • Ceramic: these blades have a razor-sharp edge. However, they can break with ease.


When choosing a kitchen knife set, you should learn about how the knife is assembled. You should consider any indication of piecemeal work.

If you want to get the perfect integrity and durability, you should go for a single-piece construction with a full tag. Bolsters are not essential for quality.

Moreover, you need to check the hilt. Make sure you choose ones with no gaps in the transition area. This step is necessary for both strength and hygiene. 


Handles may be made of thermoplastics, vulcanized rubber, wood, or stainless steel. Not all of them are durable.

You can get the best qualities of composites and stainless steel. The wood material is soft and rot. Moreover, bone can brittle over time. 

The handles also should be safe and comfortable. Find ones designed to decrease stress and fatigue. Moreover, they also should give you a non-slip grip. 

Cutting Edge

You should choose ones with cutting edge running the full length of the blade. This feature will offer you a greater range of motion.

Also, it is necessary for the right honing or sharpening. You should also choose ones with nick-free edges. Also, they should be free of chips or dents. 


The kitchen knife set may range around $100-$1000. You can choose many good options in the area of $300-$500.

You should avoid choosing a product under $100. It is essential for you to choose a set that can meet the standard mentioned previously. It should work with your wallet. 


Now, you have some ideas for looking for a good knife set. Follow them and you can get the best value. They promise to help you find the best kitchen knife set for your cooking styles.

Hopefully, our tips above are useful for you. We always appreciate your insights. 

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