Indoors vs. Outdoors Growing Weed

When it comes to growing weed, we have two major ways to grow them. They include indoors and outdoors. Some growers choose to use a mixture of them.

They grow their plants indoors during their vegetative stage. Then, move them outdoors when they begin flowering. In this article, we will help you learn more about these two ways.

Also, we will give you a comparison between them.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

If you don’t live next to the equator, there will be only one harvest each year. Keep in mind it’s important to protect your plants from animals or thieves for several months.

It’s best to grow your plants in areas where you can easily access to grow them. Also, you need to visit them once every 1-2 weeks. You should choose areas that can give your plants direct sunlight from at least 10 am to 4 pm.

You should grow your plants in a warm growing season. It’s important to plant them at a certain time of the year.

When growing your plants outdoors, they may have to face potential interference from flooding, animals, bugs, as well as other uncontrollable factors.


This way is considered as the easiest way for marijuana plants because they require less tending in their natural environment. Moreover, this method offers the cheapest start-up costing because your plants can get free light and ventilation.

This method also gives bigger yields when compared to indoors crops because you will need to give your outdoor plants plenty of room to grow as well as unlimited sunshine.


This method is not for most city-dwellers who need to travel to a remote grow site. Besides, your whole crops may be destroyed by many factors such as bug infestation, torrential downpour, a drought, or an early frost.

Another disadvantage of this growing method is that you need to grow your plant next to a water source.

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing your plants indoors can be able to produce perpetual harvests. You need to get enough room in order to grow your plants indoors. Also, make sure you can protect them from detection.

However, you will have to pay a pretty higher start-up cost for this method when compared to the previous method.

It’s able to control all aspects of growing environments. As a result, you can produce a more consistent quality of buds.

This way requires you to produce an entire growing environment that includes growing medium, light, air conditions, nutrients, and more. If you want to use many lights, you will have to pay for electricity cost.


This method offers a shorter grow time compared to growing plants outdoors. It’s also not difficult to be discreet about growing.

If you grow your plant indoors, you needn’t worry about potential interference. Besides, there may be a perpetual harvest because it may come with many crops per year.


Like mentioned above, you will have to pay for a high start-up cost. Depending on the growing system, you will also have to pay for maintenance cost. It also requires you to keep good ventilation. Besides, don’t forget to maintain clean grow area as well.

Things to Consider When Choosing to Grow Marijuana Indoors and Outdoors

1. Indoor


For growing plants indoors, you will need more work on a regular basis because of more variables needed to be controlled. And, you have to grow your plants in a good environment.

Besides, you need to protect your plants from fewer unexpected influences. This method is not great for new growers.


Growing indoor is much more expensive than its counterpart when it comes to the start-up cost. In order to grow your plants indoors, you need to pay for both grow lights and containers. Many people choose to grow their plants in a grow tent.


This method requires you to control almost everything about the environment. Indeed, you have to pay attention to temperature, light, and root pH, etc. Also, you have to do more plant training because of space restrictions. They may be hard for the first time growers.

If you grow your plants indoors, you will get faster grow times since it’s not essential to rely on natural light.


Growing your plants indoors can produce big yields as long as you put them in the proper conditions. It can be able to give you a few ounces of bud per month. Growing them indoors allows you to start a grow basically any time.

2. Outdoor


This method asks you to take more time to learn about your environment. You need to choose a compatible marijuana strain. At the same time, it’s also important to choose the right place to grow your plants.

For those who are living in cold weather, they have to take more effort to plant their garden outdoors.


Actually, you may just have to pay similarly to getting seeds or clones. This method is great for those who want to get high yields as well as dense buds. In fact, you have to pay for fencing, soil, nutrients, and other supplies.


This method requires less maintenance than growing indoors. More importantly, you need to find the right site to plant. Then, don’t forget to visit the site a few times per month in order to check on plants. If needed, water them. Sometimes, you need to trim or harvest.


You can get a lot more yield per harvest from this method. Your plants can grow under the sunshine so they can build up in size. There may be sometimes several pounds of buds produced.

If you want to grow your plants, it’s best to start your grow in the spring season. And, you just can get only one harvest one year if you don’t live in a tropical place.


Now, you have had all the essential info about growing weed indoors and outdoors. Hopefully, they are useful for you. We can’t say that growing weed indoors is better than outdoors and vice versa. It depends on your personal needs. Also, it depends on what you want to experience. Therefore, you can grow your plants indoors or outdoors. It’s up to you!