What children can do in snowy weather

Imagine that you wake up in the morning, you find out that today is terrible snowy and your kids do not need to go to school. They can stay home, sleep all day and you do not know what to do with them in order to make them happy and active. You also feel a headache when thinking about the activities for them to spend their cold and dull day.

Thus, we collect all the activities that you can organize for your kids to help them enjoy their snowy day at home or outdoor. I hope that you can be patient to play with them and also make them learn something from making fun.

snow weather
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1. Make pipe cleaner snowflake

You and your children can get together and make the pipe cleaner snowflake to decorate your window or tree. Your children can be creative to make things and combine the right color. It helps them to practice the creative ability and work with a team. You just need to prepare two silver pipe cleaners and three blue pipe cleaners. Then you cut two silver pipes in half, put one aside, so you have 3.

Then you twist those three pieces together in the center, so you have a shape with 6 points. After that cut the blue pipe in half and then a half again to get 12 pieces. Then twist them into the silver base to decorate the snowflake. In case that you want to hang out the snowflake you can take the pieces of the silver pipe cleaner you put aside, then fold in half and twist the ends to one of the snowflakes points to make a loop.

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2. Sewing

Have you ever thought about sewing in your mind? I have to say that it is really a great idea for you and your children. Your children can be together to learn sewing to make the new clothes, gloves, and socks with the color, type of cloth and the style that you wish. Besides, they can learn the new skill that might be their hobby or career in the future.

Nowadays, there are thousand of the sewing machine for home use in the market with the very reasonable price so you can choose and buy a new one for your home. You can take a look at some websites that not only provide you the machine, how to use and some tips for sewing there:

I am a sewing cholic; I used to find out a lot of websites about sewing and learn how to sew from simple to complicated. I found that sewing is the art and it also requires the skill and the creation. Besides, it also needs the patience and passion. It will be easy if you try it by your heart. I believe that your children can learn much more than the other activities and the snowy days will be warmer somehow.

3. Painting

This is one of my best activities that I want my children to do in the snowy days because it makes them have the inspiration to make the great painting. I am not the exception, I usually sit down and look through the window to see the snow falling. And at that moment, I want myself to save it into my mind, and I found that just drawing the picture can make it inside our mind forever. I decide to buy colors and drawing pens and pencils.

Firstly, I sit inside my room and draw some things that I see; then my little boy tries to copy. Finally, he did it by himself; I see the fire in his eyes. He drew a picture with colorful, not the simple white. I know that his imagination could work and develop. We escape from home to outside to sense the cold snowflake and get more inspiration. He was interested, and then once the snow falls, he draws pictures. He considers it as his passion; he draws not for money but for what he love to do.

That is also what I proud of him. I want to suggest you this activity for doing in the winter; it can make your boring cold day more exciting and lovely with the colors.

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4. Outdoor activities

If you are those who want some sports, you and your children can play passing snowballs. It is very exciting for children. Firstly, you can feel freezing when you go outside, and you can not touch the snow. However, when you break the fear and get used to with the low temperature, you feel great.

You will feel that the snowball is as warm as the cotton ball then you just want to hold it. If your children want something gentle, you can build the snowman with them. Building Snowman is also the way to make you children more creative. In contrast, passing snowball helps your children practice the physical strength that helps them adapt to the cold weather.

Spending all day to sleep is the stupid way to live. You know that time is very valuable, it is invisible, impossible to touch but it the most valuable in life. Everyone has the limited time to do things so instead of sleeping, you can make your time more meaningful by doing activities even in the snowy weather. I make sure that it will be better than sleeping thousand times. I just have some recommendations above; you can try to think about it or do what you want. Live will be lovely with someone who dares to be different.

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